Planning Guidelines

This document sets out the policies of Oxshott Way Residents Association Ltd. towards the building of extensions and the redevelopment of properties on the Estate. It is intended to provide information and guidance to purchasers, residents, advisers and property developers and supersedes all prior policies and guidelines.



OWRA is the owner of the Estate roads, verges, common areas and infrastructure.  The Directors of OWRA are elected by the owners with a mandate to represent the interests of all of the owners on the Estate. The Directors are therefore responsible for the execution of the policies set out in the Guidelines on behalf of the owners and deal with all planning matters. 


The estate

The Oxshott Way Estate is a desirable place to live largely because of its unique ambiance. The roads, verges and trees, together with the type and size of houses and house plots, provide the visual impact and peaceful environment, which make the Estate an enjoyable place in which to live.  OWRA’s role is to preserve, maintain and, where possible, enhance this desirable environment for the benefit of residents, both as a place to live and as a property investment.

In addition to maintaining the infrastructure of the Estate, OWRA also has a vital role to play in maintaining its character. The Estate was originally developed in the 1930s in a consistent style that was heavily influenced by the Arts & Crafts Movement and the Surrey style as explained in the Surrey Design Guide. Over the years many houses have been altered and new properties built but the Estate has managed to maintain its overall character and charm, which are valued so highly by both existing and new residents.  Thus OWRA needs to concern itself with the type, size and number of houses on the Estate, which in turn leads to its involvement with planning issues.

Whilst OWRA does not wish to hinder individuals' rights to improve or redevelop their property, situations can arise where individual interests are at odds with the interests of the Estate overall. In these cases the Directors will act on behalf of the majority of residents.


A number of recent rebuilds on the estate have included Air Heat Pump installations. Air Heat Pumps provide an efficient way of heating your home, however, unless properly sound insulated, they can be noisy. 

Our advice is to please be considerate of others by ensuring that your installation includes a good quality 'acoustic hood'.



The Association requires a Development Fee to be paid when a property is demolished and subsequently rebuilt.  This payment is charged to offset wear and tear to the Estate roads and infrastructure caused by the demolition and construction works and is payable prior to the demolition of an existing building.

Applications Pre 19th April 2012

The Development Fee is based on £20.00 per square metre of the total Gross Floor Area, GIA, of the new building as defined in the planning application form submitted to Elmbridge Borough Council. 

(Note that the definition of GIA is as defined in the 6th Edition of the RICS Code of Measuring Practice.)  It was also agreed that the Development Fee will be reviewed on a regular basis at each subsequent AGM.



The Directors wish to deal with all planning matters in a positive and helpful manner. Their experience is that mutually satisfactory outcomes are achieved where residents or developers engage the planning officers at the earliest possible stage in the planning process. The assistance of the planning officers has often eased the process of a planning application rather than restricted it or caused it to be rejected. 

The Association also encourages residents to inform their immediate neighbours at the earliest opportunity of their intentions to undertake development work.  The engagement of the owners of adjacent properties at an early stage will normally assist the planning process and help to avoid potential disputes or objections.  The Directors may also seek the views of the immediate neighbours of the property concerned before commenting on plans to the owner or developer.

Where Estate processes are circumvented, resulting in an application to Elmbridge Borough Council for an inappropriate scheme, the Directors will take all necessary steps to have these schemes withdrawn or rejected in order to protect the Estate.  Our success rates are high and it is therefore beneficial to work with us to avoid delays and additional costs.

The Directors have adopted a strict code of conduct in relation to potential or actual conflicts of interest and are required to either temporarily stand down or resign from the Company and the Committee in the event that they are personally interested in any redevelopment of property on the Estate.



Enquiries relating to planning matters should be directed in the first instance to the Planning Officer, Deputy Planning Officer or Chairman.  Details of the current officers and members of the Committee of the Association (and Directors of the Company) can also be found here on the website