• To maintain in a reasonable state for use the private roads of the Estate. These private roads are known as Oxshott Rise, Oxshott Way, Mizen Way, The Bowsprit, Mizen Close, Broad Highway, Harebell Hill and Spinnaker Close.

  • To encourage the preservation of the residential refinements of the Estate and to resist by every possible means the spoliation of any of the amenities and refinements of the Estate.

  • To uphold the one-house-per-plot policy established at the Estate's inception and to strenuously resist sub-division. To uphold the Association's Planning Guidelines in relation to all planning applications.

  • To preserve the Estate as a high-class residential area and to encourage the preservation of the rural beauty and characteristics of the Estate by the care and maintenance of the verges, trees, shrubs and common areas.

  • To make representations to the Local Authority, Public Bodies and others with regard to matters concerning the Estate and these objects.

  • To do all lawful things incidental or conducive to the attainment of these objects or any of them.

  • To provide a medium for social interaction between the residents of the Estate.