Established planning policies

Planning applications are reviewed by the Directors on a case-by-case basis with reference to the Planning Guidelines (see below).  A number of guiding principles have underpinned our planning policies for many years and these have been endorsed by residents. These are as follows:

Infill Development

OWRA has a strict “one house per plot” policy and the majority of the residents on the Estate have supported this by voicing strong objections to all recent attempts at infill development. The Directors regard the prevention of such development as their most important charge and will use all the resources available to them to resist it, including:

  • Seeking the support of all the residents to object to planning proposals
  • Refusing rights of access, including for additional services, across the verges and roads owned by the Estate
  • Rigorously enforcing any existing covenants including those preventing infill developments
  • Allocating Association funds to engage high quality professional support in dealing with these issues and, if necessary, approaching residents for a 'fighting fund'
  • Lobbying local councillors to oppose planning proposals


There are a number of covenants in force on individual properties and, unless completely inappropriate, the Directors will rigorously enforce them.


The building of reasonable extensions to existing houses will not normally be opposed, providing that they are in keeping with the original house in terms of their overall design and the materials used and do not contravene our planning guidelines. Where an extension is particularly large, or where it does not conform to the Estate Planning Guidelines, the Directors may oppose it on these grounds.


The demolition of an existing house and its replacement with another single house will not normally be opposed, providing the replacement is built to a design and of materials in keeping with the overall style of the estate and surrounding properties. Again, a new house may be opposed on the grounds of excessive size – in terms of its overall mass in relation to its plot or its height.